Aluminium towers Amarent

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Universālie alumīnija torņi

Universal aluminium towers

Price starting from: 600€

Scaffolding aluminium towers

Price starting from: 300€

Towers with stairs

Price starting from: 2000€

Working height 3-14m.
Euroscaffold Mobile Scaffolding is manufactured in the Netherlands and has become a well-known company in the scaffolding industry thanks to years of development.

Working height 3-7.8m
Euroscaffold folding towers are the ideal solution for both interior and exterior work. The folding frame allows 1 person to build a tower in 2 minutes.

Working height 4-14m
Climb mobile scaffolding quickly and easily with the Eurosaffold ladder tower.

Towers for stairways

Price starting from: 400€

Aluminum tower for 1 person

Price starting from: 1000€

Scaffolding for roofs

Price starting from: 2000€

Ideal tower with a width of 75 for working on stairs or in a stairwell.

Working height 4-6m
The mobile tower with its compact dimensions – platform 120 cm, is designed to be easier to move and assemble for people who work alone.

Euroscaffold offers you the perfect solution – roof scaffolding, also known as chimney scaffolding. This scaffolding will solve the main problems when working on a sloping roof – stability and safety.

Aluminium walkways & work bridges

Price starting from: 200€

Euroscaffold working bridges (walkways) are made of high-quality and particularly durable aluminum. Available in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 m lengths. Solid steel loop profiles provide a strong anti-slip surface.

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