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- We sell and rent scaffolding, towers and other aluminum structures only of high quality;
- We provide the ability to transport goods to a convenient location for you;
- We provide the opportunity to reserve the goods, and be immediately informed of their delivery to the warehouse;
- We give advantageous discounts on the entire range (except for novelties and hits);
- We offer optimum payment and delivery conditions;
- We offer high-quality goods at the lowest prices in the whole Baltics.

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The company “AMARENT” was founded in 2018 and since then has been successfully operating in the market of sale and rental (short-term and long-term) of aluminum scaffolding, towers and shelving, as well as other aluminum structures.
The company “AMARENT” operates in all Baltic markets (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) with its main office in Riga (Latvia) and branches in Vilnius (Lithuania) and Tallinn (Estonia).
The company is assigned a number of value added tax (VAT) payer, which allows us to sell our goods at 0% VAT rate in case of international shipments.

What do we offer?

Looking for quality and inexpensive scaffolding and/or aluminum towers for interior (painting, re-painting, plastering and electro-installation) and exterior (facade, roofing, installation) work? Linger on the page and read about their types and uses. We present a huge range of quality products brand “EUROSCAFFOLD”.

Dutch manufacturer of aluminum constructions “EUROSCAFFOLD” has established itself on a very favorable side. Professional aluminum scaffolding, mobile construction towers, room racks (towers), as well as vehicles for scaffolding, towers, racks and climbing materials “EUROSCAFFOLD” factory production is of the highest quality and the lowest price among its competitors in the market. Buyers and tenants are attracted by the original design, wide range and practicality of scaffolding, towers and other aluminum structures of this company.

Apply and see for yourself the worthy level of the presented products. We, as the official representative of “EUROSCAFFOLD” trademark, carefully select our range and ensure that every customer and (or tenant) bought or rented from us not only aesthetically appealing product, which proved to be worthy, but also practical – a product that will serve more than one season. Sales of quality products from proven manufacturers at the lowest price – this is the credo of the company AMARENT.

Advantages of AMARENT aluminum products

Consider the main advantages of aluminum structures in the range of AMARENT:

  • 2 mm aluminum – EUROSCAFOLD’s universal aluminum towers, scaffolding and shelving are made of high quality 2 mm aluminum, which is the highest value in this segment. The thicker the aluminum, the stronger and more durable it is.  Our competitors, in turn, offer aluminum products 1.6-1.8 mm thick and at a much higher price than ours. Thus, the company “AMARENT” sells goods of higher quality, but at the lowest prices.
  • The best price in the whole Baltics – along with the choice offered in the market of aluminum structures from other manufacturers (ALTRAD MOSTOSTAL, ALTREX, JUMBO, ASC, CUSTERS, etc.), the products of the brand “EUROSCAFFOLD”, whose official representative is the company “AMARENT”, are offered at the best and lowest prices in the whole Baltics. We can provide the most competitive prices thanks to wholesale prices from the manufacturer itself and sell the goods at a price advantageous to the consumer, which in no way detracts from the quality of our products.
  • Quick assembly/disassembly – any person can assemble the construction, without prior experience, as the entire product is easy to use and easy to assemble.
  • Compact – platforms, other accessories, frames and basic structures are easily and compactly folded for storage and transportation and do not take up much space. Folding frames are also available that can even be transported in a car and work up to 8 m.
  • Different types of wheels equipped with brakes, make it possible to move from place to place, adjust the height and work on different surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Connecting elements (diagonals and horizontals) have specially designed fasteners that ensure quick installation and rigidity of the structure.
  • Anti-slip – moisture-resistant anti-slip surface of platforms, as well as grooved aluminum steps of towers and racks prevents slipping of feet and improves usability of structures.
  • Corrosion resistance – while other alloys rust relatively quickly, our aluminum products are virtually indestructible. This is due to the protective film of aluminum oxide, which has high strength and durability.
  • Dirt-repellent properties – the material is sufficiently impervious to all kinds of dirt, as well as easy to clean, quick drying and not deformed.
  • Lightweight – the materials used in the manufacture of aluminum structures, we offer a trademark, and unique patented technology, making products lightweight and comfortable to transport.
  • Wear resistance – good-quality materials and quality production with a guarantee ensures long life of products, and prevents deformation under the influence of external loads.
  • Safety – all layers (top, middle, base) are made of high quality aluminum and the necessary additives in the production that meet all environmental standards, as well as the standards applicable in the EU.
  • Accessories – in addition to the basic range of products we provide a wide range of accessories (wheels, castors, stabilizers, diagonals, platforms, etc. ) suitable also for aluminum towers of other manufacturers.

What do our customers say?

The most competent company in this field we have ever worked with! Very easy to communicate and communicate with - you can feel that our needs as a customer were perfectly understood and the most optimal scaffolding and advice on its use was offered.
We were very impressed! Thank you!
Sergejs Naumovs
I recommend as an excellent partner. Will help formulate needs and offer the best option - rent or sale - of scaffolding. Everything is clear, fast, feedback on all issues is instant! We can assure that this company is of a high level!
Inese Kocere
Thanks to the cooperation with AMARENT SIA and their offer of aluminium scaffolding and towers, our company successfully completed three renovation projects.
Thank you!
Jānis Bērziņš
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