Towers for stairways

We offer a wide range of aluminum scaffolding and towers at competitive prices.

Some of the most difficult jobs indoors are in stairwells, and especially on stairs. Euroscaffold offers a unique aluminum tower designed specifically for such work. The tower is made of 2 mm thick extra strong aluminum, which makes it lightweight and safe. Extendable, adjustable legs in 10 cm increments make it ideal for working on stairs or uneven surfaces. The ladder tower platform is 190 cm long and has a hatch for easy access to the work surface. The big advantage of the ladder tower is that it can be built by 1 person. As a result, you do not depend on others and can start working immediately after erecting the scaffolding.

The tower complies with the NEN-EN 1004 Class 3 scaffolding standard. The maximum load on the tower platform is more than 200 kg, which means that up to 2 people can work on the ladder scaffold. In addition, the ladder tower can be used for both indoor and outdoor work.

Elements of the tower:

1 x Ladder frame with opening 75×200 cm
1 x Ladder frame 75-28-1
1 x Surface mounted frame 75-28-2
2 x Handrail frame 75-50-2
1 x Platform 190 cm with hatch
2 x Horizontal 190 cm
1 x Safety railing (double) 190 cm
1 x Diagonal with plastic extensions
2 x Short adjustable legs
2 x Long adjustable feet

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