Scaffolding for roofs

We offer a wide range of aluminum scaffolding and towers at competitive prices.

If you are going to work on a roof ridge or perhaps on a chimney, Euroscaffold can offer you the perfect solution – a roof scaffold, also called a chimney scaffold. This scaffolding will solve the main problems when working on a pitched roof – stability and safety. Already after the first use you will understand all its advantages and convenience.

Skrusteņu sastatnes

The scaffolding is simple and easy to install on roofs with a slope of 30 to 60 degrees.  A choice of lengths is available: 190 cm, 250 cm and 305 cm. Thanks to the roof ladder, you can position the platform at different distances from the roof ridge. If you need to work on two sides of the roof, it is worth using a double set, which makes the work much safer. The roof ladder is equipped with spacers that protect the roof surface, allowing you to work without scratching the surface. All parts are TÜV certified.

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